Oceanário de lisboa

For the protection of the oceans.

Betabrand's intervention in the Oceanarium was inspired by in another place. The particular needs of the customer became a challenge for us.


Oceanário's offices needed more space for storage, a better optimization of the division of spaces, and also decorative elements that went back to the theme of the House - the ocean.


Thus, sea-inspired corrugated wall liners, office cabinets, and wood and glass partitions were designed to enhance the division of space.

All technical solutions were designed internally and implemented by the Betabrand team.


The Lisbon Oceanarium was born because of Expo'98. The founders planned to build an aquarium that would eternalize the message of the Exhibition and simultaneously increase the cultural and educational offer of the country.

The Oceanarium, signed by the architect Peter Chermayeff, is an aquarium totally dedicated to the oceans and their preservation.

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